Time Inc.’s Jason Kelly Heads to AdMeld

Jason Kelly, one of the top digital executives at Time Inc., is set to jump to AdMeld as chief media officer of the fast growing company, which helps online publishers manage and price ad inventory.

Kelly was most recently vp of strategy and revenue management at Time, where he focused on the company’s in-house ad network.

Essentially, Kelly was tasked with helping Time’s Web publishers maximize revenue on their sites while protecting their direct sales channels.

Now, he’ll look to do the same for multiple publishers. AdMeld — which is backed by a group of investors that includes Time Warner — works with the likes of Discovery Communications, Fox News, IAC, Hearst and Thomson Reuters, helping them navigate the sea of ad networks, exchanges and agency trading desks.

Kelly said he sees online advertising only becoming more complex, with agencies and clients increasingly favoring the use of audience-based, real-time media buying.

“Buyers are absolutely moving in this direction very quickly,” he said. “There is lots of technology and money being invested in the space. And the same type of thing needs to happen on the selling side of things. Publishers need to understand as much about what they are selling as buyers do about what they are buying. But there is a gap in tools and capabilities for sellers.”

That’s a gap he sees AdMeld helping to fill. In this newly created role, Kelly will help guide clients through the cluttered digital buying ecosystem, while also working with agencies and demand side platforms to help adapt to their specific goals and needs.

“One of the things I hope to do is bring some clarity,” he said. “A lot of this business is still based on trust.”

Said AdMeld’s CEO Michael Barrett: “Jason brings the ideal mix of experience to our team. He has a deep understanding of how technology can empower premium publishers, strong relationships in all quarters of the industry and a visionary perspective on where the space is headed.”