‘There’s a Map on My Lap’ App Teaches Kids How to Read Maps

Oceanhouse Media has released a new Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat app in the style of the original author.

It’s called There’s a Map on My Lap, and it teaches kids how to use different kinds of maps through a playful rhyming story starring the cat in the hat and the kids Sally and Dick.

The story teaches kids about the different types of maps. It includes city maps, state maps, world maps, topographic maps, temperature maps, and terrain maps. It also explores the various map formats such as flat, globe, atlas, and puzzle. Young readers can also discover how to use map tools such as symbols, scales, grids and compasses from the app. It is full of games to help kids participate in the learning.

The app is aimed at 5-10 years olds, and is available through iTunes at an introductory price of $3.99.