The Top 25 MySpace Games for March 2009

Top 25 MySpace Games

So MySpace is usually a fairly “calm” when it comes to monthly changes, but this month actually had some rather unusual developments. Not only were there a few drastic ranking shifts this month, but also a few new faces to the charts, which, surprisingly ranked quite high. Nevertheless, it was certainly a lucrative month for the Top 25 MySpace Games.

  • The Top 8 games held their ground this month (as they normally do), especially You Plus’ (aka “The Godfather”) Mobsters and Zynga’s Mafia Wars, who stayed at #1 and #2.
  • Appearing out of nowhere at #9 is Poker Palace with 2,706,709 users this month. While it is not uncommon to see a new game appear in the Top 25, it is quite rare to see a new title debut in the Top 10. However, considering its success on Facebook (currently #15 with 2,682,095 monthly users), it doesn’t seem too far-fetched.
  • As with the Facebook rendition, YoVille from Zynga also jumped in rank from #12 to #10 with 2,259,606 users, bumping down Heroes, Gang Wars, and Dragon Wars.
  • Appearing at #14 is another interesting app tailored to the younger, female demographic dubbed “Sorority Life” with 1,598,461 users. The numbers are likely due to the large teenage demographic found on MySpace.
  • And as always, the 20-25 rankings shift and churn as they often do, but this time, the title Overdrive decided to take a nice leap out of those standings (previously #23) and land at #18 with 1,362,283 players.

It is certainly nice to see this rate of growth on the MySpace platform and two new games appearing for the first time in the Top 15. The past month has been more activein the space than it has been in times past, but that begs the question as to whether or not that trend will continue. And with Maestri’s suits against You Plus and Zynga still going through the legal process, there is certainly the possibility that things will stir up further. Should a ruling against the two companies come to pass, it would create a precedent that could drastically alter all of the RPG titles on not only MySpace, but the social space as a whole.