The Search Is on for Mobile Downloads

A new report from eMarketer attempts to determine what consumers are hoping to find when they use mobile search services.

According to data it received from Medio Systems, as of November, more than 60% of the search categories in North America related to downloadable content. This was followed by adult content and general Web/WAP site searches, each with 9%. Basic portal navigation took third place with 8%. The numbers are as of November 2007 and represent searches made on the T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and Telus networks.

Handango also saw strong interest in downloadable content, which accounted for three of its top 10 search categories in Q3, eMarketer reports.

“2007 saw some of the first indications that mobile search for users and brands is becoming more like the ‘regular’ Internet in terms of objectives and measures of success,” eMarketer senior analyst John du Pre Gauntt said regarding the study.