The Pitch: Children As “Fashion Accessories”

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New York Times “Executive Suite” blogger Joe Nocera recently received a PR pitch that was, according to him, “so brazen, so craven, so mind-bogglingly inane that I feel compelled to share it with others.”

The issue? Pitching children as “fashion accessories.”

From the pitch, which was promoting Phil & Ted’s, the premiere maker of juvenile products:

Children have become fashion accessories to parents who take them out and show them off not only in the park, but also in restaurants, chic resorts, and places that used to be the bastion of couples; which necessitates chic accoutrements to make them more mobile, like strollers, portable cribs and playpens.

Joe went so far as to out the offending pitchee, which we won’t do here. Are you offended by this pitch?