UPDATED: ‘The Oatmeal’ Cartoonist Leverages Love of Tesla Motors to Support Nikola Tesla Museum


I’m a longtime fan of The Oatmeal, and particularly appreciate how cartoonist Matt Inman exuberantly describes and animates his unbridled passion for the things he loves — his dog, grammar, the fiendishly-terrifying Mantis Shrimp, etc.

As it turns out, Inman also happens to love Tesla — both the legendary inventor and the car company — and is attempting to leverage his love and endorsement of the latter to support a museum honoring the former.

Inman recently published a multi-chapter ode to his car, the electric Tesla Motors Model S, proudly touting everything from the car’s impeccable safety rating to its space-agey bells and whistles with compelling facts and gushing testaments. “The Oatmeal” himself also utilizes his signature mastery of hyperbole to express just how deeply his love of his car runs, boasting in his conclusion:

“Consumer reports awarded the Model S 99 stars out of a possible 100. I am awarding my Model S 100 stars, two black holes, five supernovae, and an ever-expanding singularity of engorged Luck Dragons and woooo-shit-yeahs. Because I’m a fan. And I love my Intergalactic Spaceboat of Light and Wonder. My Electric Cruiseboat of Protons and Wormholes. Because I’m in outerspace, motherfucker, and I love my Model S.”

While his love letter is clearly quite genuine, Inman is hoping Elon Musk, head of Tesla Motors, will appreciate the unsolicited endorsement so much that he will consider donating a cool $8 million to help Inman attain his goal of preserving Nikola Tesla’s lab equipment and creating a museum in his honor. This is not the first time Inman has reached out to Musk regarding this endeavor; Musk has already donated $2,500 to the cause, and Inman has already raised $1.37 million through his own outreach efforts.

Whether Musk will be moved to acquiesce to the bold, honest, unabashed, $8 million request to preserve the legacy of his company’s namesake has yet to be seen, but we think it’s safe to say we’ve never seen any pitch quite like this:


UPDATE: Elon Musk has officially responded to The Oatmeal’s plea, Tweeting this simple answer:

Flattery (and amorous Luck Dragons) will officially get you everywhere.