The newest media mystery blogger: “Jolie in NYC”

JolieNYC.jpgFollowing in the quasi-anonymous footsteps of the Washingtonienne, Gawkerist and TMFTML is bloggerista Jolie In NYC, a “pop culture-obsessed beauty editor in the big city.” Jolie writes mostly about celebrities (she has a Nick-and-Jessica breakup blog on the side that is both amusing and informative), but she also dishes on her life as a beauty editor, reminding us that the stiletto-happy halls of fashion & beauty mags are lined with swag:

Beauty is even more decadent than fashion, since beauty companies have so much more money to throw around on press trips, free products, and gratuitous gifts… My boss (and sometimes even I, only a mid-level editor) regularly gets Marc Jacobs wallets and coats, plane ticket vouchers, iPods, overnight stays at the Mandarin Oriental, year-long gym memberships, and — of course — all the free highlights and haircuts your poor dyed, straightened and styled hair can stand. It’s almost embarassing.

In addition to blogging about freebies and the daily grind (like sipping iced tea and spritzing perfume with Cynthia Rowley) she has ruminated on the beauty mag pecking order (Assistant: “Despite having likely graduated from an Ivy League college, not to be trusted with anything other than fetching coffee, opening beauty products, or telephoning junior PR people for prices”; Beauty Director: “Has hundreds of dollars in gifted credit at Barneys”). She’s no Washingonienne, but her insider-gabbery has started to get attention, promting Fashion Week Daily to ask peevishly: “Who is this editor?” It’s odd that they don’t know, given the clubbishness of beauty-land:

It’s an incestuous little world, because everybody has either worked with, press-tripped with, or interviewed with everybody else. We see each other about six times a week, at various lunches, appointments and events put together by the PR companies, which means our industry is basically akin to a sorority. With even better hair.

Hmmm. Sounds like blogging. But with worse hair.

In any case, if you know Jolie (or if you are Jolie) please drop us a note or a pair of Manolos at fishbowl AT mediabistro DOT com.