The Lack of a Golden App

I have now reviewed hundreds of applications and looked at each one of the thousands of applications on Facebook. After speaking with my friend Justin Thorp last night we concluded that there has yet to be the true golden application. So what is a golden application?

A golden application is one that leverages Facebook’s social component to provide true value to the users that interact with it. At this point I am speaking of something that is not easy to create. It is ultimately the concept of building the next revolutionary product (like Facebook) within the Facebook platform. What are the chances that someone is working on this golden application? Extremely high.

In contrast to many of the existing applications that were built overnight by a college student in their dorm room, the revolutionary applications will require large development teams and take months to build. I know of a few that are in the works but the bottom line is that we have yet to cross the point at which robust applications are being featured on the Facebook platform.

I am currently working on one of those feature rich applications with a team and I can speak from experience, it takes a significant amount of time to build high quality, viral and sticky applications. While there are a number of applications that have stood out to me as exceptional none of them are quite revolutionary. Are there any applications that you have seen that you would qualify as revolutionary? If not, what applications come close?