The Huffington Post Strikes Again: The New York Times' Peter Goodman Named Business Editor

Whatever The Huffington Post is doing to lure high-level journalists is clearly working: Just two days after welcoming MSNBC news analyst and former Newsweek senior Washington correspondent and columnist Howard Fineman, HuffPost announced its hire of The New York Times national economic writer Peter Goodman as business editor.

Goodman will oversee all business and technology coverage and contribute some reporting of his own. Prior to the Times, he served as a foreign correspondent and financial writer for The Washington Post, and he is the author of PAST DUE: The End of Easy Money and the Renewal of the American Economy.

HuffPost co-founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington said:

Peter Goodman is one of the country’s most respected business and economics reporters, and we are delighted that he’s joining The Huffington Post. With his breadth of knowledge, national and global experience, and passion for unearthing the trends and stories that effect people’s lives, Peter is an ideal fit for HuffPost. He’ll oversee both our growing Business and Technology teams and help to sharpen our focus on the real-world impact of economic policies, as well as innovation and emerging industries that will serve as engines for genuine economic growth and well-paying 21st century jobs.

Goodman added:

With HuffPost’s enormous audience and influence, we have an opportunity to expose important issues in innovative new ways. I also share an editorial point of view with Arianna and the HuffPost team that the central focus of our mission should be ferreting out truth, chronicling the lives of ordinary people, and delivering clarity to the readership, while not merely settling for access to powerful corridors.