The Huffington Post Boots Up Election Dashboard

The Huffington Post hit the campaign trail for the midterm elections with its real-time Election Dashboard, which offers poll charts, an interactive polling map, HuffPost Fundrace capabilities, curated Twitter streams, and instant social-trends data.

Political data and software provider Aristotle is providing data for HuffPost Fundrace, including state and federal contributor information. HuffPost Fundrace incorporates Facebook Connect integration so that users can see which of their friends are giving to which candidates, or they can explore an interactive map and track big campaign donors by industry.

Social-media analytics-monitoring platform Viralheat will analyze the buzz around key races.

HuffPost co-founder and editor-in-chiefArianna Huffington said:

It’s a very exciting time to be covering elections, as new media make possible fresh ways of tracking races — and of deepening our understanding of them. Our new Election Dashboard offers a multidimensional approach to the midterms, including the latest polls, news, and opinion, as well as a look at how candidates are trending on social sites. We’re pleased to offer our users a dynamic, real-time approach to covering the November elections, and we’re also delighted to be partnering with Aristotle on our expanded HuffPost Fundrace tools, and Viralheat on our innovative campaign social-tracking feature.

HuffPost senior polling editor and co-founder Mark Blumenthal added:

With the launch of the HuffPost Election Dashboard, readers will now have immediate access to Pollster’s renowned polling charts to help separate real trends from all the noise. We’ll also continue to roll out new polling tools between now and Election Day.

Aristotle CEO John Aristotle Phillips said:

With just a few clicks, HuffPost Fundrace opens the window for anyone to the world of campaign fundraising. With its new Election Dashboard, HuffPost is making a difference this election by providing voters one of the most important tools in any election: unfettered information.

And Viralheat co-founder Vishal Sankhla added:

We are thrilled to be helping to power The Huffington Post’s Election Dashboard. Real-time data and analytics are taking on an ever more critical role in the news media, and we’re pleased to see HuffPost leverage Viralheat’s powerful, scalable technology to enable innovative efforts such as the new Election Dashboard. This represents a breakthrough in election and political coverage, and we’re very excited to be part of it.