The Holiday Weekend Was Good for Our Top 20 Daily Gaining Facebook Games

In our latest look at the Facebook applications with the most new daily active users (DAU) in the past week, we see an odd trend, according to AppData. Some of the apps that made the list appear to have done so through growth starting around the Thanksgiving holiday, last Thursday. From last Wednesday back through the previous week, we’d seen lower overall gains.

It may be that people were so busy getting ready for Thanksgiving the week before that they didn’t have as much time to log on and play games. Then, with the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, they once again had the time.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Happy Pets1,906,178+548,281+28.76
2.icon FishVille6,806,371+503,798+7.40
3.icon Birthday Cards1,225,606+393,058+32.07
4.icon Hug Me500,528+243,830+48.71
5.icon Zoo World545,615+199,654+36.59
6.icon Diva Life205,801+137,603+66.86
7.icon Fish World2,370,899+131,593+5.55
8.icon FarmVille26,589,135+130,673+0.49
9.icon Fish Isle478,146+125,065+26.16
10.icon Paf le Chien181,308+116,055+64.01
11.icon Sorority Life1,166,854+112,663+9.66
12.icon Band of Heroes158,975+111,597+70.20
13.icon Geo Challenge169,697+91,392+53.86
14.icon Fish Life571,686+68,526+11.99
15.icon Who Has The Biggest Brain?146,246+52,937+36.20
16.icon Poker Rivals51,028+50,600+99.16
17.icon FARKLE1,136,269+50,148+4.41
18.icon YoVille3,014,210+38,368+1.27
19.icon Medical Mayhem177,903+37,955+21.33
20.icon Youtopia48,497+35,051+72.27

At the top of the list we have Happy Pets, the latest game by up-and-coming developer CrowdStar: The pet-caring app gained 548,000 new daily users this past week for a total of 1.91 million DAU and 5.77 monthly active users. This places it slightly above Zynga’s big new hit, FishVille, at least in terms of weekly DAU growth.  That app grew by 504,000 DAU, to reach 6.81 million DAU — a big number, to be sure. But as the app has grown to 21.8 million MAU within a few week of launching, it’s inevitable that not all new users who showed up as DAU in their first week of trying the game will still come back daily. Two weeks ago, it had 4.77 million new weekly DAU, and last week it had 1.15 new weekly DAU. This week is likely the longer-term DAU rate, as we discussed earlier today on Inside Social Games.

Among other notable games, we have RockYou new game, Zoo World, which has been climbing up our charts since it launched last month. It grew by nearly 200,000 DAU last week to reach 546,000 DAU.

And, what would a present-day list be without a bunch of fish apps? Besides FishVille, Fish World, Fish Isle and Fish Life all made the list. And, near the bottom, so did some up-and-comers like hospital-themed Medical Mayhem and an interesting new city simulation game called Youtopia.