The Fishies Would Go Out Tonight But They Haven’t Got A Stitch To Wear

Fishy-fis.gifIt’s true, the Fishies, not unlike the emperor, have no clothes. What do you wear to go out in this sticky, humid mess, anyway? Well, if you’re fish you probably stay in the water, unless you’re an amphibian, in which case you’re not an actual fish, per se. We got our science training with George Galloway. Point being, the Fishies took a little break for August, you know, that slow news month? Ha. But we’re back because frankly you’re all far too good, and also, how cute is this happy little fish? We missed him. Anyhow, have a wonderful and fish-tastic weekend; we’ll be back Monday with some tidbits for you about our favorite moments in media this week, and maybe even some speculation about David Gregory’s height, because we really haven’t given that enough attention this week. Rock on, dudes!