The Cool Hunters

Do you know what is Coolhunter? Coolhunters are people who are always searching for interesting, rare, beautiful – COOL things of art, design, music, fashion and things from all other areas, which makes our lives exciting. Such people you can find also online publishing their hunts and sharing their impressions and experience with others.

I know two good Cool Hunting sites where I have found very interesting things and information about different products. First is The Cool Hunter , which is also my absolute favorite, and the second one is Cool Hunting. There are displayed really amazing things – for example if you are interested in gadgets you will find there most interesting products that will make your to grab your wallet and run to mall and search for these things in every shop. It is also great place for designers and creative people who can be well inspired by things there – maybe only the small trend to right direction can open the mind to create more great things which later include in cool hunters pages.

Cool hunter

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