The Best Of 2005 Awards, Volume 1

blue ribbon copy.jpg
Everywhere we look, everyone seems to be doing their best of lists, their nostalgic looks back to the halfway marker of the decade we still haven’t got a name for. So we thought we’d do our own highlights.

Below, some of the awards we’d like to give to the people, places, designs, and all-around awesome that’s made our year kinda kicky. In no order other than importance:

The BFF Award
Michael Bierut, for appearing in these pages a brazilian times and being cool with it every time.

The You Wrote Some Shit About Me But We Can Be Friends Because I’m Just That Cool Award:
Michael Arad, for sticking out an incredibly difficult project, and still partying like a rockstar every time we saw him.

The Yeah I’ll Curate That And It’ll Kick Ass And By The Way I Rule Award:
Paola Antonelli, for going out on a SAFE limb that wasn’t actually that safe. And wearing vinyl to the opening.

The Building On A Mass Grave And Throwing A Party There Doesn’t Bother Me One Bit Award:
Larry Silverstein, for giving the Architect’s Newspaper the 47th floor of 7 World Trade Center (sorry, 250 Greenwich) for their second anniversary party, so every person to do with architecture could have a lovely picture window view. Of death.

The Why Didn’t We Think Of That Story? Oh Wait, Maybe Because It’s Not A Story Award
Robin Progrebin of the New York Times, for introducing us to the architects of this crazy neighborhood called the Lower East Side.

The Made Us Puke Even Though We–Shockingly–Weren’t Drunk Award
Peter Eisenman, for the 89.5 degree-angle Wexner Center.

Volume 2 TK. Nominations welcome.