The Fastest Growing Facebook Pages: Vitaminwater, Cadbury Wispa, and a Venezuelan Politician

pagedata-logoLast week, beverage maker Vitaminwater launched a new campaign on its Facebook page: An in-house application that includes games and a contest where users can help choose a new flavor of its vitamin sugar water. The result, so far? The page was the fastest-growing among any major brand over the week, according to our PageData analytics service. It gained 323,000 fans to reach 767,000 people today.

More generally, here are a few other notes about the top leaders this week. Coming after Vitaminwater was Cadbury Wispa, a relaunched line of candy bar dearly loved in some parts of the world. Its page gained 195,000 fans to reach 461,000 today. Behind it, a Venezuelan opposition politician named Leopoldo Lopez saw a massive increase, growing 189,000 fans to reach 206,000.

pagedata-sarcasmAnd a quick note. At the top of list is a page called Sarcasm Society. It is apparently the page for a site of the same name. comes up as a top result when you google “sarcasm,” yet it has almost no actual traffic, according to Compete. And, finally, almost all of the page’s growth has happened within the span of a day or two. So we’re assuming there’s something fishy here. Same for another page on the list, called Getting Paid.

Top Gainers This Week
Name Fans Gain↓ Gain, %
1.Sarcasm Society1,453,401+1,448,849+31,828.84
3.Cadbury Wispa460,575+195,395+73.68
4.Leopoldo Lopez205,820+189,214+1,139.43
5.Mafia Wars4,137,663+155,338+3.90
6.Cheryl Cole363,511+116,475+47.15
7.Getting Paid1,836,626+97,148+5.58
8.Texas Hold’em Poker3,040,150+92,558+3.14
9.Vin Diesel6,224,611+83,452+1.36
10.Best Buy829,987+81,913+10.95
13.Total Wipeout308,774+68,340+28.42
14.Selena Gomez3,001,306+66,664+2.27
16.David Guetta1,085,442+64,549+6.32
17.The Bible487,338+63,510+14.98
18.Roger Federer2,979,384+63,282+2.17
20.Celebs on Facebook1,298,590+61,222+4.95