Ten Useful Sites to Get a Customized Twitter Background

twitter-logoAre you tired of seeing your Twitter profile sporting the same old default Twitter background? And changing the background pic is not enough to please your taste? How about getting a fully customized Twitter background or something that is different from the default one? Here are ten useful sites that offer both free and paid Twitter background customizations.Twitter Image – are you willing to pay for a highly customized Twitter background? Make that willing to pay $100? If yes, then you might want to try this site. If not, but you have more than 5,000 Twitter followers, you’re in luck coz you are entitled to a free background. Good site if you’re using Twitter to promote your product or brand.

KillerTweets – offers some of the coolest Twitter backgrounds. When we say cool we mean, the gothic-artsy-kind of cool. And it’s relatively cheap as well at $9.

My Tweet Space – the site is a cool branding service for your Twitter profile, offering cool themes and Twitter profile badges for free. If you want a highly personalized Twitter profile promoting your product or brand, you have to pay a minimal amount.

Twitbacks – offers free Twitter backgrounds/themes but contains a small Twitback branding logo which can only be removed if you pay $4.95.

Twitter Backgrounds – an excellent place to download free images from a huge collection of wallpapers, for use as a Twitter background. Provides you with the best collection of backgrounds, themes and wallpapers for Twitter divided into several categories to make it easier for you to find the cool Twitter image you’re looking for.

Pretty Tweet – lets you design your own Twitter background/theme using the site’s Visual Designer for Twitter themes.

Custom Twitter Background – offers a paid service for customizing your Twitter background – $67.

Tweetstyle – offers a couple of free backgrounds that you can use on your Twitter profile aside from the paid customized Twitter background service. The site also has some good tutorial on how to change your Twitter background and other useful Twitter-related blog posts.

Twitter-Backgrounds – a new site offering some good collection of Twitter backgrounds which you can also use for MySpace and Friendster profile.

Custom Twitter Background – offers paid service for creating customized Twitter background and avatars. Prices range from $68 to $78.