Tapjoy survey analyzes money management habits of mobile consumers


With America’s tax day quickly approaching, mobile ad-tech and monetization company Tapjoy surveyed users from its network of 450 million mobile consumers to discover which forms of money management are most popular on mobile devices. The survey found the top three finance-related activities on mobile to be locating an ATM, general banking actions (paying bills, checking account balances, etc.), and making credit card transactions.

The report showed that “Mobile Money Managers” skew towards males (56 percent) with a household income of more than $75,000 (37 percent). Of these Money Managers, 56 percent make purchases on their mobile devices at least once per month, with 55 percent of respondents reporting they have an average credit score of over 500.

The survey found the top three responses to finance ads on mobile. After viewing a finance ad, consumers were most likely to visit a website, download an app or call to learn more about the advertised content.

In response to these results, Tapjoy encourages marketers to target users on mobile devices with relevant messages, as the growing use of mobile devices in our everyday lives increases the number of opportunities advertisers have to make an impact.

Tapjoy offers tools for publishers to reach and monetize their users efficiently and effectively, including its recently announced nGen Platform. The nGen Platform allows served advertisements to be closely integrated to the overall app experience, supporting video, rich media or full-screen interstitial ads.

More information on Tapjoy, and its Mobile Money Manager survey, is available on the company’s website.

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