Talking ROI at the PRSA Conference

In case you didn’t get the tweet, PRNewser (@PRNewser) is attending the PRSA 2010 International Conference in Washington D.C., which began over the weekend.

We caught up with one of the weekend speakers at last night’s evening reception, Mark Weiner, CEO of PRIME Research. His workshop, titled “Quantifiable Objectives: The Key to Proving PR Value,” covered techniques for setting objectives and “linking objectives with results.”

Over sliders in the hotel courtyard, Weiner shared the “three forms by which PR can demonstrate and generate ROI.”

First, PR pros should be doing more with less and doing it for less.

Second, make connections to business outcomes, such as sales.

And third, prevent what Weiner called “catastrophic cost.” For example, when a crisis occurs, PR should mitigate the problem.

In the end, Weiner said modestly that an appreciative audience clapped. Your thoughts on ROI?