Survey: Less Ad Spend, More Advance Phones Disrupt Media Industry

Reduced ad budgets and increased use of mobile phones for tasks formerly limited to PCs are causing the most disruption in the media industry, so say the media and advertising professionals polled for a recent survey by KPMG.

jumptap_2_5.jpgOf the more than 200 execs polled, 75% expect that within the next five years advertisers will move a quarter of their media spend away from traditional channels. Social networks and mobile marketing will benefit from this shift, the survey found.

In terms of mobile marketing, 65% of the executives believe media companies currently adapt less than 25% of their content for mobile use, while 27% believe the number to be somewhere between 26% and 50%. However, an impressive 87% of respondents expect media companies to ready a larger percentage of their content for mobile consumption within the next two years.

Nearly half of the survey participants consider location-based advertising as the greatest opportunity for mobile marketing. Games and video are also thought of as key opportunities.