Watch All 61 Super Bowl Commercials In 2 Minutes [Video]

Didn't see all 61 Super Bowl ads this year and don't want to feel out of the loop? Check out Adweek's great 2-minute compilation of all 61 Super Bowl 2011 ads after the jump.

What was the best Super Bowl commercial this year? What was the worst? This week nobody has been able to stop talking about last Sunday night’s commercials, from VW’s adorable Kiddie Darth Vader to Groupon’s scandalous Tibet ad. But if you didn’t see all sixty-one ads and don’t have the time to sit through every single one after the fact, not to worry! Adweek has put in the legwork and cut together a great 2-minute compilation of all 61 Super Bowl 2011 ads.

In the video description on Adweekdotcom’s YouTube channel they write, “Don’t have the time to watch through every Super Bowl 2011 commercial? Don’t worry, we did it for you.” They have broken down the very best moments from all of this year’s Super Bowl commercials. Note that only ads from the first and second half of the game were used, not from halftime.

Even if you managed to see every single commercial during the Super Bowl, 61 ads is a lot to digest. This compilation is a great way to relive all the ads to remember and decide which you liked best and which you could have done without.

If you haven’t had enough after watching Adweek’s compilation there’s a whole lot more Super Bowl advertising where that came from. Check out Adweek’s Super Bowl site to watch the best animal ads, the most outrageous ads and Super Bowl commercial archives going back to 2008. And don’t forget to let us know in the comments – what was your favorite Super Bowl ad this year?