Sundance Dispatch: Free Hats & Gay Zombies

From FBLA contributor Andrea Wachner on assignment at Sundance.

If you can even believe it, the spectrum of Saturday covered way more ground than just fully chit-chatting it up with Mr. Bill Pullman.

It started with a wonderful animated movie en Francaise called Fear(s) Of The Dark that was by far the best of the 2.75 movies I have seen so far. It ended with Otto, or, Up With Dead People which was really the most ridiculous German Gay Zombie Porn movie ever (but then how many are there?) Still, bad enough to make me and six friends walk out.

In between, I managed to hit the New York University party at Robert Redford‘s restaurant Zoom (still no sign of R.R.) where I got a free hat. Then it was on to the Columbia University party where I got a free scarf, and then Main Street where I got another free hat that looks like a fez gone wrong. And got to see this Ronald knock-off (below) and some incredibly yell-ey anti-fur protesters, and the John Legend concert where I got to watch “Susan” really, really enjoy getting to watch John Legend.

Saturday really raised the bar for today…