Sundance Channel Is First To Offer Season Premier Exclusively Via Twitter

If you’ve been on Twitter for some time, you’re probably used to getting exclusive deals, being informed of sales, and generally being on the inside track of a lot of the companies you follow.

But here’s an exclusive that’s never been done before: Sundance Channel is premiering its unscripted series “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys” on Twitter, in full, via TwitVid.

Those who follow @SundanceChannel will get to see the full season two premier of the show this week, ahead of its scheduled airing on Friday.

Sundance Channel tweeted the following yesterday afternoon:

“Watch the @GWLBWLB World Premiere only on Twitter! Nothing comes between a gay boy & his best girl!

The TwitVid link leads to the full 25 minute season premier of the show.

The show has a huge social media fan base (with over 230,000 Facebook fans and 12,000 Twitter followers), which Sundance Channel is capitalizing on through this campaign. They will be able to offer their social media fans an exclusive bonus, while building word-of-mouth about the series itself.

Following the Twitter-only release yesterday, Sundance Channel will be rolling out the episode to its social TV application on Facebook, as well as making it available on Hulu and And, as the show airs on Sundance Channel, it will also be available simultaneously on Netflix.

The multimedia aspect of this campaign is a boon to Twitter, and will likely promote more niche TV shows with a large social media fanbase to offer equally exciting exclusives – such as behind-the-scenes clips or bloopers – to reward their Twitter followers in the future.