Street Bump Smartphone App Will Help ID Potholes in Boston Soon

My part of the planet has not had the kind of punishing severe weather we’ve been seeing in the northeast of the U.S. and the horrendous floods in Queensland Australia. However, our sporadically heavy periods of rain have caused a lot of large and pontentially dangerous potholes. So far, I haven’t seen much in the way of actually doing anything about these potholes since I see and feel the same ones every day.

Since identifying pothole locations plays a large role in gettng them filled, an easy way to have this done automatically as people literarlly drive into or over them seems like a good idea. That’s what Boston city officials think as they plan to launch an app named Street Bump that uses the accelerometer and GPS available in many smartphones to detect potholes as people drive over them.

Weapons in the battle: City tries new tactics in annual fight with potholes (

The article does not say when the app will be available or which smartphone platforms it runs on.