Stone cold despite Hurricane Hugo’s hot air

Bizarre. It’s not every day that a sitting president manages to exceed Oliver Stone in the Conspiracy Theory Olympics.

First came news on Sunday that Stone would direct a film about the 48 hour coup against Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, and from El Presidente himself.

Per Reuters,

“So there will be a movie,” Chavez said during his weekly television talk show. “Could it be that the government of the empire will try to prevent the filming of a movie about a coup that they themselves planned and carried out? Let’s see if they can.”

Well, it’s crackerjack media manipulation.

Because today, Stone issued a denial of any involvment: “Rumors that I am directing a film about the 2002 coup in Venezuela are untrue and unfounded,” Stone said in a statement released by his publicist.

Which, of course, was probably always the case, but now Chavez can set about the espousal of wild conspiracy theory that Washington stopped Ollie from directing the film.