Stock Pick Competition for Facebook Users

As a prior Finance club member, I remember playing stock picking games as a useful tool for becoming accustomed to trading stocks. Thanks to Ryan Price, you can now play against your friends and other Facebook members. While there are a few quirks in the system, this seems to be a step in the right direction. If the profile view gets smoothed out, I am willing to bet that this becomes a pretty popular application, especially among finance enthusiasts. If you are into finance or just trading stocks in general, go check out the Stock Pick Competition application.

As a side note, I am noticing a common occurrence on Facebook recently. Not necessarily with the stock pick competition application but in general. Developers have begun adding non-functional applications. I can sympathize given that after launching my own social networking site, I was receiving non-stop complaints from users that were finding bugs. While it is difficult to catch all bugs while developing an applications, all developers should both externally and internally test and iron out as many bugs as possible prior to launching.