Star Wars: Commander Celebrates First Birthday on Mobile (Infographic)

Disney Interactive and Lucasfilm have released an infographic containing stats from the first year of the popular base-building combat game.

Disney Interactive and Lucasfilm are celebrating the first birthday of Star Wars: Commander on mobile devices. Launched in August 2014 on iOS (and later on Android and Windows Phone), the base-building combat game allows players to back either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire, and head into battle against forces from the opposing side.

Star Wars: Commander reached 20 million users in its first year. Many of the game’s players have chosen to back the Empire, with this support being apparent even a few weeks after the game’s release, and not letting up. To be specific, almost 548 million battles have been fought in the game so far, with more than 314 million of those supporting the Empire.

In total, players have deployed almost 2.5 billion Rebel Troopers and almost 4.5 billion Stormtroopers, as well as over 173.5 million X-Wings and almost 246 million Tie-Fighter units. Rebel Alliance players tend to favor Chewbacca as their favorite hero, while the AT-AT is the most popular hero for the Empire.

In July 2015, Star Wars: Commander received its ‘Worlds in Conflict’ update, which allows players to move their base from the starting planet of Tatooine to four other planets in the Star Wars Universe. Since the introduction of this feature, 143,382 people have moved to Dandoran, followed by Hoth at 105,530 people. Er’kit has had the least relocations so far, at 23,107. It’s worth noting, players can relocate their base more than once by earning stars in the game’s player-vs-player battles.

Star Wars: Commander is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Windows Phone Store. Check out the game’s first year stats in the infographic below.

Star Wars Commander Infographic


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