St. Louis City Comptroller PIO Shows How Not to Handle the Media

"No. No. No." That's not in the PR playbook, kids.

Meet Melanie Streeper.

She’s made a name for herself in the greater St. Louis area as a TV reporter, but not in that good way; forget the Peabody or Emmy.

Streeper has a history of litigious tales; our sister site TVSpy shared a story in 2011 in which Streeper filed an $82,000 suit because her traffic reporter gig had crashed into the embankment of “stuff happens.”

You might think that she would retain some respect for her fellow journos out there, but perhaps that lawsuit left a bad taste in her mouth. Today, she’s the public information officer for the St. Louis City Comptroller, and she probably won’t be called upon for her tutelage on media relations anytime soon.

KTVI-2 (FOX) in St. Louis has a consumer segment called “You Paid for It.” Its bloodhound is Elliott Davis, who sniffed something out with St. Louis Comptroller Darlene Green. Apparently, Green has a new ride that’s a city take-home car…and it’s costing taxpayers in The Lou a cool $26,000.

Streeper declined comment or access to Davis via email, so he did what any good consumer watchdog would do–he waltzed to City Hall personally. He found Green…and Streeper found them. What transpired is now Exhibit A of how to ensure your email gets blacklisted anywhere in your local media market:

PR Kids, please do not try this at home. This is a trained professional.

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