Spotify Streaming Coming To Ford Cars

Spotify has partnered with the Ford Motor Company to make its music streaming service available in select new Ford cars. Spotify will be available through Ford’s SYNC AppLink, the car maker’s interface that lets drivers access smartphone apps using voice recognition technology. The tool is already available in more than a million cars in the U.S. and will roll out to cars in Europe later this year.

Here is more from Spotify’s blog:

This coming update of SYNC AppLink will enable you to control Spotify songs and playlists using voice commands including: “shuffle”, “repeat”, “star/unstar track”, “choose playlist”, “play music”, “recently played”, and “now playing”.

Ford recently announced a partnership with Amazon making the Amazon Cloud Player available in Ford SYNC Applink-equipped vehicles. The interface lets users  access their Amazon Cloud Player music library by wirelessly connecting the Amazon MP3 app on their Android smartphone to the SYNC connectivity system in the car.