More Sports Fans Turning To Digital Media Over TV [STATS]

Thanks in large part to social media – Twitter in particular – sports fans are increasingly turning to the Internet rather than TV to watch games and other sports content.

According to data from the Sports Media Consumption Report 2013, by Sporting News Media, Kantar Media, and TV Sport markets, 63% of fans went online for sports content, up from 56% just two years ago.

While 94% of fans still watch sports on TV, digital media is gaining fast. Mobile usage jumped in a year from 21% to 35%, and the TV and print numbers have waned.

Sports events often dominate Twitter, and the network’s partnership with ESPN solidifies the relationship between Twitter and sports even more.

That said, only 9% of fans have paid to watch sports content online, and only 11% say they’re willing to do so. That leaves marketers in a sticky spot.

In the infographic below, created by Carlos Monteiro and published by AdWeek, you can see additional insight into 2013 sports-watching habits.

(Source: AdWeek. Sports image via Shutterstock.)