Spin the Agencies of Record


Edelman’s Zeno Group has signed with Tylenol. Parent company Johnson & Johnson wants to counter a “series of recalls and manufacturing issues” as well as the lawsuits filed in the wake of reports tying Tylenol overdoses to liver failure.

A company spokesman issued a statement to AdAge but did not connect the decision to hire Zeno to the recent string of bad publicity…


New York’s Child’s Play Communications, which specializes in moms, added web publisher Bundoo to its client roster. The site features tips, tools and Q&As aimed at new and expectant parents, because that stuff never gets easy.

The site’s key feature: pediatricians and professional child care experts write and edit all the content. Bundoo also features a retail marketplace in case your baby-centric client wants to hit that very sweetest of demographics.


Portland/NYC firm LANE PR will serve as agency of record for Travel Oregon, created to both promote local travel and strengthen the tourism industry’s effects on locals’ quality of life.

While Oregon isn’t quite as “green” as neighboring hippie village Washington, it does have killer slopes, Fred Armisen (on TV) and beer. Lots of great beer.


The transportation specialists at JMPR will be agency of record for TruFuel, an ethanol-free fuel for “a variety of small displacement two and four-stroke engines.”

We love the ethanol-free part, but since we don’t own a car we just learned today that these engines will soon be transforming the industry and we still have no idea what a four-stroke engine is.


Colorado’s Volume PR will be AOR for the BMW Championship, a PGA Tour golf event run by the Western Golf Association which will include Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and other superstars of the green. All proceeds will benefit the organization’s Evans Scholarships Foundation, which probably won’t be able to teach us how to hit with a 9 iron.


L.A.’s Murphy O’Brien Public Relations signed three new clients:

  • Santa Catalina Island Company, a resort “known for its vibrant history as a glamorous retreat for celebrities”
  • Lynx Professional Grills, a producer of premium outdoor kitchen products that those celebrities probably won’t use on Catalina
  • Richard Sandoval Restaurants, a pair of L.A. eateries called Zengo and La Sandia which specialize in, respectively, Latin-Asian fusion and regional Mexican cuisine. We would write more, but those descriptions just reminded us that it’s dinner time here on the East Coast.


Healthcare-centric Cooney/Waters Group of Manhattan signed three new healthcare clients for itself and its sister agencies:

  • Cooney will handle Alere, a point-of-care diagnostics provider
  • Corkery Group will do comms and media relations for the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, a United Nations agency focused on improving sanitation in developing countries
  • Alembic Health Comms signed with the Center to Advance Palliative Care, aka severe pain relief