Spin the Agencies of Record


[Mark Green referees Arianna Huffington vs. Mary Matalin]

Account wins in this edition of Spin the Agencies of Record includes a fashion designer, baby changing stations for SUVs, a market research company, public transportation, and a new syndicated radio show:

Fashion designer Sue Wong loves Loving + Company

Resound Marketing cleans up on the fly by winning Dipe n’ Go, baby changing stations for SUVs, minivans, and hatchback vehicles.

Trylon SMR works both sides of the aisle to launch “Both Sides Now,” the new nationally-syndicated talk radio show with Arianna Huffington, Mary Matalin and former NYC Public Advocate, Mark Green.

Communispace, the market research company using “private customer communities” signs Text 100 as agency of record.

San Antonio’s public transportation provider VIA Metropolitan hops aboard Creative Civilization’s client list for advertising and marketing services.