Soo Meta is a Storify for Video

As far as newsgathering tools go, Storify has radically changed how reporters navigate breaking news and information on social media. In just a matter of clicks, a writer can pull together dozens of tweets, videos and photos onto one platform and collate it into one thorough, complete story. Although it provides for media, there isn’t an easy transition from one video to another.

Now, reporters can create high-impact story compilations with Soo Meta, a video mashup tool that enables users to piece together different Youtube clips to create a cohesive story based around a topic or idea. Users can pull in information from Youtube, Pinterest and Twitter and create full multimedia compilations. Each segment can be controlled and clipped, so only the most important parts of a video would make it into the final piece.

Another important feature of Soo Meta is the ability to poll users as the video plays, which opens up the opportunity to ask users questions about a particular issue, poll them for their opinions or gain feedback regarding the videos effectiveness. Within the system’s dashboard, users can not only take a lot at the videos analytics by views and share rates, but also get poll results as time goes on. 

Check out a sample video (with polls) below:

Soo Meta is a great tool to use, if not as inherently intuitive as Storify. Reading the tutorials are definitely mandatory, and it takes a lot of fussing with the system before users will feel acquainted with the tool. However, once that is achieved, the video mashups themselves make a great impact and would be a rich addition to any reported piece.

Soo Meta also rewards repeat users by offering them the convenience of a media clipper that stores all relevant video into the platform’s database. Those who make tons of mashups will be able to clip videos as they come across them and then fashion more videos over time.

In short, Soo Meta is a free tool worth a try, especially if you enjoy Storify.

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