Sony Music Unlimited Service & Android App Released. Issues with Honeycomb & Sprint 4G Network?

Sony’s subscription music service is available in the US now and they have an Android app to use it. The free Android app is found at:

Sony Music Unlimited for Android

Sony’s Qriocity service has a 30-day free trial period that can be activiated fro use with the Android app as well as other supported devices including the PS3, PSP and various Sony TV related products.

Qriocity Music Unlimited

Sony does not provide any pricing information of any kind on either the Qriocity site (including the sign-up page) or the Android Market app product page. However, ZDNet reports that prices range from $3.99 per month for streaming only to $9.99 per month for the premium plan which includes the ability to create playlists and provides advanced search features.

Via ZDNet: Sony’s Music Unlimited music service goes mobile on Android

A comment in the app’s User Reviews section of the Android Market notes that this service does not work over Sprint’s 4G network. It does work, however, over WiFi and Sprint’s 3G network.

The Android Market’s OTA installer notes the app is compatible with the Nexus One but not the Motorola Xoom.