SongNumbers: A New Way To Sell Music

A new Web site called SongNumbers has launched with a new type of mobile music service that fans access by dialing a specified phone number from their cell phones.

cellphone_music_JIU.jpgAccording to the company, artists create an account on the Web site and are assigned a phone number that gets hooked up with a song. Artists pay only $9.95 per song per year to use the service.

When fans call the number, they listen to a preview of the song and, if they like it, press #1 to buy it. They then receive an SMS with a link to the song that they can download to their phone, PC, iPod or other MP3 player. Because there’s no DRM attached, the track will play on just about any digital media device.

AT&T and Alltel are the first carriers to support SongNumbers.

Photo credit: Jupiterimages Unlimited