Social Style: Fashion Industry Making Digital Moves

In recent months, we’ve reported on some of the ways in which fashion labels have been increasingly incorporating social media and multimedia elements into their campaigns. There are two new additions to the list.

In an effort to regain its 90s glory, Calvin Klein is launching a social media campaign on March 1 that Mashable says will focus on the website. It will incorporate contributions like video via social networks, as well as mobile apps and capabilities.

Uniqlo has also launched Uniqlooks, a site that uses Facebook to build a “fashion community” of people who will share their Uniqlo looks, reports. (Looks above.) Users can also purchase the items they see.

NY Fashion Week just wrapped up, so we’d be interested in learning about any cool social media integrations that PR attendees noticed. Our comments section is open and you can reach us @PRNewser.