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A Hacker Brings Down GoDaddy (The New York Times/Bits Blog)
A supporter of Anonymous, the loose confederation of rogue hackers, claimed responsibility on Monday for an attack that brought down GoDaddy, a Web hosting service, and its customers. GoDaddy’s site was out for several hours Monday afternoon, as were many of the websites belonging to its 10.5 million customers, like the fantasy sports site Draftday and eBaum’s World, a humor site. The Wall Street Journal The closely held firm, which registers Internet addresses and provides servers for websites, sent out a tweet at about 1:35 p.m. ET acknowledging it was having trouble with its service. Two hours later, GoDaddy said it had received “so many messages” that it was overwhelmed, and it was working “feverishly” to resolve its issues as soon as possible. USA Today The outages of hosted sites started around 1 p.m. ET, but GoDaddy was still in operation then. But by late afternoon, the company closed its website and replaced it with a statement. TechCrunch It looks like the GoDaddy sites are coming back up, but the company has yet to confirm whether the outage was due to a distributed denial of service attack — the reason claimed by a member of the Anonymous hacking collective — or how many sites and emails and overall customers were actually affected. It has, however, stated that no sensitive information was breached as a result of the outage. GoDaddy posted this message on its website Monday night: “At 10:25 am PT, and associated customer services experienced intermittent outages. Services began to be restored for the bulk of affected customers at 2:43 pm PT. At no time was any sensitive customer information, such as credit card data, passwords or names and addresses, compromised. We will provide an additional update within the next 24 hours. We want to thank our customers for their patience and support.”

Mark Zuckerberg to Speak in San Francisco (AllFacebook)
Ever since Facebook gave its second-quarter update, co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t really said much publicly. That will change this afternoon, when Zuckerberg speaks at TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF event in San Francisco. CNET LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, one of Facebook’s first investors, said Monday he still thinks that Facebook is probably a good investment over the long term. Hoffman, who owns 3.8 million shares of the social networking giant’s stock — which is worth around $71.4 million at current prices — told interviewer Michael Arrington that despite the highly publicized plummeting of Facebook’s stock since its disastrous May IPO, he thinks the company’s fundamentals are strong and that it could well rebound. GigaOM Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey argued Monday that anyone can be a founder or have a “founding moment” at a company — not just the folks who originally created it. Dorsey, citing a variety of examples from Mahatma Gandhi to John Kennedy, said it’s powerful ideas that make a difference, which can come from anyone. San Francisco Chronicle Newark, N.J., mayor Cory Booker has been known to race into burning buildings and car wrecks to help his constitutents. But he’s also jumped into the world of technology to help create a social video news company called #waywire that he believes can disrupt what he called the traditional media’s “oligarchy” for sharing information people need to make changes in a democracy.

Secret Service Investigates Teen’s President Barack Obama Assassination Tweet (The Daily Dot)
A teen from Ohio is under investigation by the Secret Service after posting a tweet in which she called for President Barack Obama’s assassination. Shortly after Obama accepted his party’s nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention, Alyssa Douglas wrote: “Someone needs to assassinate Obama…like ASAP #DieYouPieceOfShit.” Both the tweet and Douglas’s account were deleted by Friday morning.

YouTube Offers New iPhone App to Fill Looming Void (The Huffington Post)
YouTube is being reprogrammed for the iPhone and iPad amid the latest fallout from the growing hostility between Google and Apple. Google is making a pre-emptive strike today with the release of a revamped YouTube application.

U.S. Enlists Facebook for New Suicide Prevention Strategy (Reuters)
A new nationwide strategy to prevent suicides, especially among U.S. military veterans and younger Americans, will tap Facebook as part of a community-driven push to report concerns before someone takes their own life. The new Facebook service will allow users to report suicidal comments they see online from friends. The website will then send the potential victims an email urging them to call the hotline as well as chat confidentially online with a counselor.

Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa Breaks Records as Most-Funded Film in Kickstarter History (SocialTimes)
Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa, with the help of Community’s Dan Harmon and Dino Stamatopoulos’ “Starburns Industries, Inc.,” raised $406,237 on Kickstarter, becoming the most funded film in Kickstarter history. The original goal for the Kickstarter campaign was $200,000, but they said that if they raised more they’d be able to do even more with the money, including other projects and collaborations with Dan Harmon, Louis C.K. and Robert Smigel.

New York Police Use Social Media to Memorialize 9/11 Victims (Mashable)
The NYPD has been tweeting the name and rank of its fallen members on its official Twitter account, @NYPDnews, since Saturday. Each tweet links to a Facebook page with a photo and more details about the officer, along with the hashtag #neverforget.

65 Percent of Grocery Stores Plan to Switch to Social Media Marketing in the Next Five Years [STUDY] (AllTwitter)
Three-quarters of U.S. grocery retail executives said they would use print media for marketing purposes in 2012, with just 12 percent planning to use social media. However, five years from now those numbers will almost reverse, with 65 percent of grocery stores planning to use social tools such as Facebook and Twitter as part of their marketing arsenal, and just 17 percent said they expect to still be using print media.

Police: Man Used Social Media to Lure Teen Rape, Murder Victim (CBS Houston)
A Texas man accused of raping a 16-year-old girl used social media to lure her to a meeting, abduct her from her school and drive her to a river, where he killed her to keep her from testifying against him, an arrest warrant said. The man insisted in a jailhouse interview Monday that he only wanted to talk to the teen and prove his innocence but said he was overcome by “demons” once they were face-to-face.