Social Media Has Changed How Consumers Shop Online [Infographic]

Increasingly, online shoppers are turning to social media for inspiration and recommendations from peers.

Social media has begun to replace a lot of activities that used to take place on other parts of the Internet. It seems that one of the greatest areas impacted is the way users shop online. An infographic from Crowdtap examines how social media has changed holiday shopping drastically.

The first major area of change is the in inspiration and discovery. Holiday gift discovery on social sites is up 17 percent as compared to last year. Shoppers are also finding more inspiration on social sites – they show a 25 percent Y-o-Y increase. Those finding inspiration on television and in magazines is down 22 percent Y-o-Y.

People believe their peers on social media more than ever before. The biggest influencer for holiday shopping was recommendations from friends and family on social media, with 68 percent of survey participants ranking at the top. Sixty-three percent were influenced by Amazon reviews, and 24 percent were swayed by blogger endorsement. Traditional media and celebrity endorsements filled out the bottom three on the list.

In-store mobile use has also increased dramatically. Sixty-seven percent use social sites on mobile devices while shopping, up from 24 percent last year. Fifty percent of those mobile users are actively comparing prices with online stores, 14 percent are sharing deals via social media and 13 percent are texting friends to validate their purchasing decisions.

To see how Twitter’s influence has decreased, or how differing networks are accessed at different points on the purchasing path, view the infographic below:


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