Social entrepreneurship, People Empowerment, Social Relevance, It's an UnLtdWorld

unltdworld_logo.gifReading the elevator pitch for UnLtdWorld and what it’s all about gave me a headache. Creating a social network with a broad coverage is a big task in itself, what more if it aims to change the world? The UnLtdWorld site’s tagline says:

“UnLtdWorld empowers people to generate greater social impact in the real world by enabling them to share, shape and build knowledge, markets and communities through social networks.”

No matter how you would interpret those lines, bottom line is, UnLtdWorld is still after all a social network. And so, I will try to describe what UnLtdWorld is all about and what it can offer to us, social networking fans the usual way I write about other social networking start-ups in the past, highlight its features.

And feature wise, UnLtdWorld has a lot. It lets you:unltdworld_profile.jpg

  • Connect with other socially minded people,
  • Search and share resources and opportunities
  • Find and list services and products,
  • Find answers to key questions
  • Create and join groups
  • Social entrepreneurship, social and environmental issues mapping and graphing tools

I could go on describing and enumerating the rich features of of UnLtdWorld, but I fear it might take me several pages to do so.

In summary, let me just say that UnLtdWorld, given its nobel intention, is worthy of your time if you are fond of trying out new social networking sites/platforms that keeps on launching everyday. UnLtdWorld, unlike those other general social networking site has a good purpose, so you might as well try it out. Who knows, you might like it and become one of the its pioneer members.