So Who Operates That Olbermann Twitter Account? It’s Complicated

We’re getting closer to solving the mystery of who set up a Twitter account in Keith Olbermann’s name.

Last Friday, Olbermann named Twitter ‘Worst Person in the World’ for allowing an account to be set up in his name. “I found out today that I have 13,900-some odd followers on Twitter,” Olbermann said, adding, “I’m not on Twitter.”

It turns out the account Olbermann may have been referring to @KeithOlbermann, which currently has 12,099 followers was set up by someone who was friendly enough to later give that account to MSNBC, which has had it for several months. But Olbermann wasn’t made aware of that not-so-minor detail, insiders tell us. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone (@Biz) had some fun with that in a Tweet on Tuesday.


But there’s also the matter of an account called @KeithOlbermann1. When you go there, you learn the account “has been suspended due to strange activity.” MSNBC asked Twitter to shut down that account and they complied.

But that’s not all. It turns out Olbermann is on Twitter through an account called @countdownmsnbc. The profile is a combined feed of MSNBC show clips, and Olbermann’s blog entries and is operated by Countdown staffers, but not Olbermann.