So, That Target Breach Actually Affected 70 Million Customers


The story that won our unofficial “biggest corporate PR Fail of 2013” contest just got worse.

This morning we learned that the number of customers affected by Target‘s credit card security breach just went all astronomical on us, reaching a total nearly double that listed in initial reports. Here’s the worst line from that sob story:

“Target said the personal data stolen could affect its past shoppers — not just those who have visited the store recently.”

The company added that the information taken could include names, addresses, phone numbers and emails (in addition to those ATM PIN numbers).

Talk about a Friday Dump. We offer our closest approximation of the appropriate response after the jump.


The company did take some preliminary steps to follow up on the latest chapter in this endless holiday hangover.

Target will:

  • Try to reach affected customers via email (without asking for personal information)
  • Decline to hold customers liable for the costs of any fraudulent charges
  • Offer one year of “free credit monitoring and identity theft protection” to all customers who shopped in its stores (as long as they enroll within the next three months)

In summary, we refer you again to the image above.


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