SNODS is the Best Twitter-Based RPG Yet


It now appears that the RPGs that have become so popular on Facebook and MySpace are starting to make their way on to Twitter in full force.

It all began with Spymaster, which has Twitter users running about as international spies, and was shortly followed by organized crime title, 140 Mafia. However, now comes a third: SNODS.

SNODS, developed by itch, inc., actually feels like it is the most sophisticated of the three Twitter RPG apps. Like the others, it is hosted from an independent website and tied into players’ Twitter accounts, but the game play is more deeply integrated into the essence of the service.

The way the game works is as such: Players are agents with only one goal in mind – kidnap other users. SNODS’ users can kidnap any Twitter user at any time regardless as to whether or not they play the game (creating highly effective viral distribution). For each captive a player holds, they earn revenue per hour, and the more followers a captive user has, the more dollars they are worth. Here’s the deal though: Only one person can keep each user.

captivesThis is perhaps where the key element of the game comes most into play. Players must try to capture, recapture, and steal from each other in order to become stronger. However, one cannot merely do these things at will. Since the game goes directly through Twitter, active users will know when you attempt such tasks, and if they are fast enough, can steal those captives right back. This active element of the game, due to its connection to Twitter, is quite possibly the most time killing feature in any of these web-based social games.

Obviously, SNODS is more tightly knit with Twitter, and in addition to the direct involvement of non-players, users can Tweet a number of various actions they undertake in game. Moreover, they can actually control the game directly from Twitter.

SNODS also lets players give commands through Twitter. As an example, if a player that wants to attack another player, they can type #snods attack @username and it’s done. No need to use the website itself if you don’t want to. However, followers may complain of more spam in their stream if players do this a lot.

This is all merely just the tip of the iceberg though in terms of game play. The game includes a number of other strategic options for holding captives. Players can upgrade holding facilities, hire more guards, and complete missions and daily quizzes for greater prestige in their squad.

Though it isn’t perfect, SNODS is the best Twitter RPG to come out yet. The kidnapping element alone is fantastic (just imagine how many people are trying to capture Ashton Kutcher, for example), and makes excellent use of the Twitter graph. Best of all, however, the game has some reasonable strategy involved. Even if game commands could be a little easier to remember, this is merely picking nits. Overall, the game feels pretty solid.

We look forward to kidnapping you soon!