Share your Wi-Fi with friends with Hotspotio on Android

Image via Hotspotio

After a successful pilot launch earlier this year, Hotspotio has released Version 1.1 of its new Android Wi-Fi sharing application of the same name. Hotspotio aims to give all Android users access to fast mobile internet connections, by allowing them to share wi-fi networks with friends in exchange for simple favors. The app eliminates the need to remember and share long or otherwise complicated passwords, and claims to be more secure in the process.

Hotspotio allows users to browse for Wi-Fi access posts on the in-app map system. These networks are clearly distinguished from traditional networks in the area on the map, while push notifications will tell the network owner when someone new has signed on. Users can set up their own networks with a custom name (and even password), and then list things they’d like to receive in exchange for letting people access the network.

Favors can be a simple as giving the person a hug, to offering to Like a Facebook post, giving a shout-out or follow on Twitter or buying the person a drink. These networks and rewards can be earned from friends, friends-of-friends, or even strangers, depending on the hosting user’s preference. The service can be used by individuals, but is also appropriate for businesses to offer free Wi-Fi to the public in exchange for Likes on company Facebook pages, for instance.

“The days of buying overpriced coffee and snacks just to get Wi-Fi are now over,” said Simon Schultz, partner at Prehype, the venture development firm behind Hotspotio, in a company release. “With Hotspotio, our goal is to make fast, reliable Wi-Fi available in any part of your city—in exchange for a simple and often free favor.”

Hotspotio is now available to download for free on Google Play.

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