Seven Time Inc. Titles to Run Ad-Edit Grammys Push

In a second ad-edit collaboration across multiple titles, seven Time Inc. magazines will serve up simultaneous Grammy coverage in February.
Last March, five dissimilar titles—including Time, Fortune and People—ran coordinated coverage of the 3-D media craze. Each title had a different spin on the technology and included a pair of 3-D glasses in their issue.
The Grammys coverage will run in all seven titles in Time Inc.’s Style and Entertainment Group, which includes Entertainment Weekly, Essence, InStyle and the People brands, reaching 63 million readers, said Paul Caine, SEG president and group publisher. The coverage will hit in the weeklies’ mid-January issues and the monthlies’ February issues that go on sale in mid-January.
Caine said that each magazine would run a standalone section called The Grammy Insider. Unlike the 3-D collaboration, the Grammys effort will also have a digital component.
“It came up because when we were thinking about the Grammys, [we saw] it touches every one of our titles,” he said. “And they all felt like they had a place at the table with the Grammys. We’re like, ‘Well, let’s coordinate it.’”
A sales sheet touts the coverage as a behind-the-scenes guide featuring “artists, nominees and legends.” Caine said that each magazine would cover the music awards in its own way but that by working together, each one would ensure that their coverage didn’t overlap with the others’.
“The benefit is, for a consumer, you’re not getting redundant information,” he said. “From a marketer’s perspective, it’s the most desirable and interesting for our consumer.”

Caine said the effort has helped sell some ads across all seven titles, but he wouldn’t identify the advertisers.