Setup a Social Network for Your Family

my_great_big_familyI don’t know about your family, but mine extends from Brooklyn, NY – all the way to the Philippines. As you can imagine, arranging a family reunion is no small task. Thanks to MyGreatBigFamily, the entire clan can get together as often as they like and connect online.

The private family Website, which builds mini social networks for extended families, continues to grow, rolling out many new features along the way.From building a family tree to sharing photos, you can expect to find all of the features you get on all of the major public communities. Except here, Aunt Bea can have her own homepage; Grandma Rose can disclose the secret ingredient in her pecan cookies (do we really want to know!?); ever 7-year-old cousin Sue can get in on the fun, blogging about the adventures of second grade. With no ads, family members of all ages can surf in safety.

New features recently added include a schedulable family newsletter that will compile a month’s worth of ‘Big Family’ activity; online game rooms where sons can stay up all night trying to beat dad’s high score; and a library of licensed music that family members can add to a shared jukebox.

A neat service for families that stretch across the globe. Hosting packages start at $140 and include domain name registration and yearly hosting. There’s also a one-time $100 activation fee.

If your family lacks someone with the Web savvy to set up a community on Ning or build a custom portal, My Great Big Family is a solid solution.