Sesame Street Comes To Google Chrome Web Store

App development firm ScrollMotion has released a new Sesame Street eBook app called Bert and Ernie: What’s Cookin? in Apple’s App Store and in the Google Chrome Web Store.

This is one of many Sesame Street eBooks that have been released for the iPad and iPhone over the last year. Sesame Street Sesame Workshop, the non-profit organization that produces Sesame Street, opened an eBookstore in December. (Impelsys developed the platform, which is powered by digital technology firm iPublishCentral).

The new app is the first of its kind opening in the Google Chrome Web Store. Mashable has more: “We bought the Chrome app to give it a spin and while the quality of the book and voice recording is good, we still think the desktop reading experience leads a bit to be desired. To us, it underscores why the iPad, iPhone and future Android tablets will have so much of an advantage over the CD-ROM children’s book of the 1990s: touch matters. Touch controls makes interacting with content more natural and makes the overall experience more engaging.”

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