Selfy: A Chunky Remote Control for Your Phone’s Selfie Camera

Selfy is a $50 hardware case that comes with a shutter control for your smartphone. It’s big, chunky, and completely unnecessary. For users seeking a camera shutter, we suggest buying Shuttr – an Indiegogo product that uses Bluetooth technology to control your smartphone camera. It comes in four different shades and cost the same without the case.

Selfy is a better option if you don’t mind the bulkiness since the case helps you manage and store your extra device while traveling. Selfy also comes with a collection of products like tripods, car mounts, and bar mounts – so you can attach your phone to practically any surface.

Of course, if you have small, mobile speakers, you can use voice command to activate your camera and snap photos using Voice Camera Pro or vapp. There’s also a free app, CamMe, that uses the phone camera to detect gesture commands as far as sixteen feet away. Either way, there are at least three options – all without having to purchase another electronic device.