Selfies Anonymous is a club for Selfieholics

selfieSelfie aficionados turned selfieholics should inquire with the Selfie Anonymous Club in this comedy sketch. It might not be a real club, but it represents the best, or worst, of our Instagram addiction.

Let’s get started.

“Hi, my name is Tyler, and I am a selfieholic… “

This is a 12-step group for people who struggle with selfies. Literally, the selfie epidemic is now a health concern. A UK teen, Danny Bowman, nearly died in his quest to take the perfect selfie. He took as many as 200 a day by dropping out of school and spending up to 10 hours trying to get the right photo. He was so desperate, he tried to commit suicide by overdosing. Luckily, his mother found him in time and rushed him to the hospital after two years of severe addictions.

Bowman suffers from OCD and Body Dysmorphic Disorder. This causes him to suffer from severe anxiety from his body image. Danny’s case is particularly rare, but many users probably experience mild syptoms of selfieholic behavior. Bowen said, “People don’t realise when they post a picture of themselves on Facebook or Twitter it can so quickly spiral out of control. It becomes a mission to get approval and it can destroy anyone.

“It’s a real problem like drugs, alcohol or gambling. I don’t want anyone to go through what I’ve been through.”