Secret Society Of Journalists Online

hush_women.jpgJournalist are losing their jobs left and right and most are blaming the internet&#151you know, when they’re not blaming the economy. With all of this resentment towards the internet, the last place you would think to find journalists is in a community online. That is exactly where they are though.

The Politico reports on a site populated by bloggers, political reporters, magazine writers, policy wonks and academics that allows writers to connect and discuss a rang of topics in an “off-the-record” forum.
The site, JournoList, isn’t just visited by wet behind the ears bloggers, either, New Yorker writer Jeffrey Toobin says a “Talk of the Town” piece he penned was inspired by a discussion on JournoList and Eric Alterman, a writer for The Nation, says he’s started seeing topics on JournoList seep into mainstream media. Like the one involving ABC:

Last April, criticism of ABC’s handling of a Democratic presidential debate took shape on JList before morphing into an open letter to the network, signed by more than 40 journalists and academics &#151 many of whom are JList members.

Other examples are hard to find because the “off-the-record” site policy means most members will not discuss the site to outside reporters. Joe Klein, who reports for Time, defends the site’s closed mouth rules, saying “candor is essential and can only be guaranteed by keeping these conversations private.”

This list sounds like a huge opportunity to network as well as develop insight into the journalism world right now. If anyone knows who to contact to get on the list, please drop us a line.