Scribd digital library updated with highlighting, note-taking and more


Scribd has announced a new update to its digital library platform, in response to user requests for additional functionality. The platform gives users access to over 100,000 books on the go, via a monthly subscription, and now offers note-taking and highlighting features, among other updates.

This update allows users to highlight passages, paragraphs, quotes or any other portions of books, and share them with their friends. As users find something interesting, or are otherwise inspired, the note-taking feature allows users to document their ideas and annotations as they read. Finally, the platform has been updated with better support for images, as users can zoom in and view illustrations (such as maps) more clearly.

These notes, highlights and bookmarks sync across all mobile devices (and the browser version of the platform), with the app available on both iOS and Android. Scribd offers books from over 900 publishers, across multiple genres (including both fiction and non-fiction), and features editorial collections and personalized recommendations for consumers.

In addition, the app is said to offer the world’s largest digital document collection, with millions of user-uploaded written works available for reading.

The Scribd app is available for free, but the platform itself is subscription-based, at a cost of $8.99 per month. For that price, users have access to unlimited reading, and can store books on their devices for offline reading.

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