Sarah Lacy and the Zuckerberg Interview Meltdown


So, we weren’t there, but if the blog and Twitter response to Sarah Lacy’s interview of Mark Zuckerberg is any indication of what really went down, which we believe it is, all we can say is: wow.

Apparently, people weren’t too happy with Lacy’s questions, which led the atmosphere of the much anticipated keynote to border on anarchy, with Sarah then opening up the rest of the interview to questions from the audience.

Steve NeSmith writes on BuzzMachine:

Considering the circumstances Zuckerberg did a great job of pulling the interview out of the ditch that Lacy drove it into – several times. Facebook’s PR exec, who was sitting across the aisle from me, would be smart to limit Lacy’s involvement on future public events involving the young Facebook CEO.

Zuckerberg told mediabistro’s Rebecca Fox after the keynote, “I feel really bad for Sarah…Right about the time when Sarah thought it was over is when it should have ended.” [by our clock, no more than 35 minutes in].

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